Overcoming Addiction: The Road to Recovery

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How To Get Relief from Drug Misuse and Addiction?

Addiction can be frustrating. You can take the first step towards the road to recovery from drug addiction when you realize your addiction. Realizing and accepting that you need help for addiction relief will help. Yes, acceptance will motivate you to find ways to get out of the addiction. Thankfully, Sober Center can help you get out of your drug use disorder. However, it is better first to understand the science of addiction.


Science of Addiction

The science of substance use gets into the intricate interplay of social, psychological, and biological factors. Together they contribute to the perpetuation and development of addictive behaviors. Substance use disorder is a complex brain issue. It is characterized by compulsive engagement in a rewarding stimulus. For instance, people using nicotine know that it is not safe to use. Even after understanding the ill effects, addicted individuals have a compulsive engagement in nicotine usage.


The National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests that understanding addiction involves understanding the neurological mechanisms. These mechanisms play a crucial role in motivating a person to use opioids even though he knows what is it. For instance, neurotransmitters like dopamine play a crucial role in the human brain’s reward system.


When Does A Person Become Addicted To Something?

There cannot be a single cause of addiction. The reason is that it is a complex condition. The changes in your brain chemistry contribute a great share in making you addicted to something.


Alcohol addiction can affect your brain. Particularly, it can affect the reward center of your brain. We humans are biologically encouraged to look for rewards. We get these rewards from healthy behaviors.


When you happily spend time with someone you love, your body releases a chemical. This chemical is referred to as dopamine. This is why you feel pleasure. It turns out to be a cycle. Naturally, you will look for these experiences again and again. The reason is that they reward you with good feelings.


When you use drugs, they send massive surges of dopamine through your brain. The same happens with positive activities, spending time with your life partner. But, as against motivating you to do the things required for survival, dopamine can have damaging effects on your behavior, feelings, and thoughts.


This can lead to unhealthy motivation to look for more pleasure from alcohol use. With time, people developing an addiction experience a change in their brain chemistry. It means that these people get desensitized to the effects of substance. Thereafter, they will need more to experience the same effects.


For alcohol use disorder or opioids, the symptoms of withdrawal get so severe that they generate considerable encouragement for usage continuously. A person can get addicted due to other factors like those mentioned below:


Genetics Contribute To Substance Use

You will be surprised to know that genetic factors can make people addicted to drugs. For instance, let us consider that one of your first-degree relatives is under drug and alcohol influence. First-degree relatives include your parents and biological siblings. In this case, you have more chances of developing substance abuse.

Overcoming Addiction - The Road to Recovery
Mental Health Conditions Can Lead to Substance Use Disorder

Another factor that contributes to addiction include mental health issues. Yes, if you have a mental health condition, you have more chances of using the drug. Here, mental health conditions include bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression. Nearly half of the people who have gone through a mental health issue will also experience a substance abuse disorder. This can happen inversely as well.


Environmental Factors Can Lead to Drug Addiction

Access to drugs or alcohol is a considerable environmental risk factor. Certain factors can extend the opportunity to take the drug and increase the extent of exposure. Examples include the use of substances by a member of your peers or household.


Also, there are chances of prescribed medications being misused. Examples of these drugs include stimulants or opioids. Adverse Childhood Experiences can also play a crucial role. During childhood, these experiences are traumatic or stressful.


Adverse Childhood Experiences are highly related to the development of different health issues throughout a person’s lifespan. This includes the usage of an addictive drug.


What are the Symptoms of Addiction?

To get help, you should know the signs of addiction. Knowing the symptoms and getting treatments will help you prevent relapse as well:


Intense Focus on the Use of Drugs

When you become addicted, you will feel like using the drugs again and again. It means that you will pathologically be preoccupied with alcohol and drugs. You will start feeling that the addiction has taken over your life.


You will start spending more and more time thinking, obtaining, and craving your addiction.


Increased Tolerance Of Substance

With time, you will feel that you do not get satisfied with the quantity that you have been taking for so long. Your body will start asking for more. Only then will you get a similar euphoric effect as earlier.


Inability to Stop Drug Usage

Some people with addiction have the urge to stop using the substance. Even after multiple tries, if you are not able to stop its usage, it is an indication that you are addicted.


Withdrawal from Drug

When you try to stop drug usage, you will start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include both physical and emotional symptoms. For instance, you might experience symptoms like vomiting, sweating, shaking, irritability, and anxiousness.


So, when you start experiencing these symptoms, it is better to start looking for a treatment program. Thankfully, the Sober Centre can help you. You can seek help from the Sober Centre for the best addiction treatment.


Irrespective of the forms of addiction, you can get out of your abuse and addiction with Sober Centre. Be it nicotine addiction, gambling addiction, or substance addiction, you can get the best cure with addiction medicine.


Remember that addiction is a chronic condition. If you feel that you cannot live without drug use and addiction, it is an indication that you have severe substance use disorder. If you have intense urges to use the drug, addiction may take over you completely. This behavioral addiction should be treated right away.

Studies show that peer pressure leads to addiction in most cases. This happens particularly among young people. Young boys and girls with a lack of family involvement easily get affected by addiction. Addiction and mental health are closely related to each other.

In case you have a tough-to-handle family situation or inadequate bonding with your siblings or parents, you have more chances of developing of addiction. Lack of parental supervision early on can also increase the chances of addiction. Thankfully, there are treatment options and support services to help you out of the situation.

Behavioral addiction is not substance or alcohol addiction. It involves other types of addiction like television addiction, overeating, gambling, and internet addiction. People with behavioral addiction. Similar to people, who have become addicted to drugs, individuals with behavioral addiction can get help from a de-addiction center to reduce the risk of addiction from worsening.

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